I know I need unique New York

Outfit Details:lace top – thriftedskirt – thriftedpetticoat underneath – Beacon’s Closetbelt – thriftedsocks – MarshallsDany platforms – courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection
Roxy and Tessa took all of my photos while I was home, since I managed to break my tripod. Whenever Roxy didn’t have my camera, she had her dad’s. She took her job as a photographer/director very seriously. If she wasn’t taking pictures, the camera was in its holder, hanging from the tree like an ornament. She told Tessa and me how to pose for all of our photos. As you can see, she has the posing part down.

Looking back at these pictures from Florida makes me want to smack Winter right in its face. Bare legs in December and January?! It used to be such a normal thing to me. But then again, so were backyards, walk-in closets and dishwashers. Now they all seem like exotic privileges from faraway lands. All kidding aside, the lack of such luxuries aren’t enough to keep me from loving Brooklyn, though it would be better if a certain Tessa Marie would agree to apply for college in New York and come live with us. I’m just throwing that out there!  

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