It’s cold and snow’s actually on the ground

It’s just a snow fall of snow balls, evidence of the winter. And I can feel my hands again. We’re almost home.
Outfit Details:
grey coat – courtesy of Asian iCandy
MNG by Mango cardigan – JC Penney, from a gift card I won
ModCloth dress – from a dress swap with Kim
tights – from my mom
lace up boots – courtesy of Wanted (order a size down – these run large)scarf – Forever 21 men’s section (borrowed from Bobby)madison satchel – courtesy of CoachMiku – from planet pretty princess

I finally got around to taking an outfit photo, which is sadly a blogging landmark for this week of no hot water. Without a proper shower I look somewhat like a troll doll/gremlin hybrid that doesn’t deserve documentation. None of this bird bath, boiled water and washcloth crap. I need to shower in order to function, let alone look remotely alive. The hot water is back on and in result, I’m in much better spirits.

Being the big baby that I am, I still wasn’t willing to stay outside longer than what it takes for me to walk to the train – so I took pictures inside. I would actually prefer to take all of my winter photos from the comfort of a heated interior, but I live in a tiny, dimly lit place and my only lens with a wide enough aperture for scant light is a 50mm (which means it’s pretty useless for full length photos in a shallow space). I just ordered a 35mm f/1.8, so hopefully that will help, because I’m sure you don’t want to hear me complaining about how goshdarn cold it is. Especially since most of you already know how cold it is and don’t need a reminder. Except Florida, which in a really smug “eff you” move to the rest of the United States, was the only state without snow this week. My grandma had the nerve to mention how warm it was in Coral Springs. What a jerk.

I don’t know why I’m complaining (I guess I’m just being a little brat) – I love snow. If it’s going to be cold, we should at least be granted a snowy blanket of magic. It really hasn’t gotten old for me yet. I, along with my old roommate Lane, was well into my twenties before I ever even saw snow. She called me outside to bask in its magnificence; we were like little kids that just saw a real live unicorn. Save for our lookalike Perlino Paso Fino, Diablo, and the unicorn/dog hybrid Miku that you see before your very eyes, I’ve never actually seen a real unicorn. It’s too bad. I think I would like that very much.

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