Maps, a Mountain Range, a Piggy Bank

My outfit details:
vintage jacket and heels – Beacon’s Closet
dress – I made it
tights – TargetMakeup notes: Laura Mercier lipstick in Designer Beige, MAC bare study paintpot, dipdown fluidline and mulch e/s on eyes
Bobby’s outfit details:sweater – Cavijeans – 4 Strokenew Matryoshka doll tattoo – by Ashley Love

As I mentioned before, Bobby and I haven’t done a ton of decorating in our current apartment, since we are planning on eventually moving to a bigger space. We did our best to make it feel like a home, albeit a transitional one, which entailed displaying anything of sentimental or familial value. Our guest room is a hodgepodge of framed painting and pictures that were gathered from my mom’s shop, along with some old trunks and flea market finds. Since I made our room aqua and white and the office a girlie ballerina pink, Bobby had free reign over the guest room. The bottom trunk is full of fabric I’m not currently using (usually season specific) and the top is full of linens. On the other side of the room is an old wooden wardrobe and stacks of vintage suitcases, and we’ll soon have a giant cat condo to appease Kitty Boos, who is sorely missing the great heights of Kim’s old bed. While Kim was staying with us, she had a full sized loft bed, which we have since disassembled and will probably replace with a tiny twin. Sorry, BooBear!

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