Those Little Ordinary Things

As you can see, Vester is thrilled with this kitty hug.

Miku doesn’t like when all of the attention isn’t on her, so she does everything she can to shift focus her way.

Outfit Details:
vintage dress – Fellsmere Inn
tights – courtesy of Accessorize
Dany platforms – courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection

I have had this dress for years (at least five or six), but this is only my third time wearing it. I have a tendency to completely forget about certain items in my closet and instead, get in a routine of wearing the same things over and over again. This dress has become a victim of both tendencies, since I didn’t wear it for years but have now worn it three times in less than a month. The first time I wore this dress, which was only a few weeks ago, I was in Florida and didn’t have a long enough slip on hand. Though completely opaque, the fabric is a little clingy and it absolutely requires a slip unless you are okay with everyone knowing exactly what your behind looks like. Let’s just say that my mom and Amanda spent most of the day laughing at me while I tried to cover my butt with my [thankfully large] purse.

Lesson learned. 

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