B Brian Atwood

(photo credits: top, Kelly Stuart; bottom, Billy Farrell.)

Right before NYFW went into full effect, I had the pleasure of attending the B Brian Atwood launch party and interviewing the [devastatingly handsome] man, himself. If you’re a shoe lover, you are probably already familiar with his eponymous line of sky high, insanely sexy shoes – even if it is sadly out of your budget (I’m pointing at me). But did you know there is a fresh new line in the works?

When I found out Mr. Atwood was set to debut a contemporary line of a more budget-friendly price point, I was cautiously enthusiastic. I love diffusion lines [when they are done well] but all too often the quality, construction and even the design – which is the selling point – get lost in the budget cuts. But as Brian Atwood previously conveyed, he doesn’t consider this a diffusion line. Based on the higher-than-most-diffusions price tags alone, I immediately agreed. Though much less costly than the main line, at $200-$400 (with seasonal items varying accordingly), these are hardly cheap. Luckily for Brian Atwood maniacs (pun intended), the design and the quality of this line is beyond expectations. Beyond.

There are very high heels, yes, but don’t expect a knock off of Brian Atwood: this line stands on its own. Some key differences that Brian noted in our chat: richer colors (though the blushes and nudes still had their own spotlight), disco influences, a little more downtown gritty to balance the uptown chic. Think studs, metallics, fringe, cutaways and bold colors – all in carefully curated moderation. While the main line brings to mind a refined young starlet with a hair and makeup team, B Brian Atwood embodies a girl about town, who doesn’t think twice about doing her makeup in a taxi on the way to a girls’ night out. Young, flirty and a little edgy, this fresh new line is made for girls who don’t save their statement shoes for special occasions – they live in them.

I can’t wait until I can show you the rest of the line. There was an entire room full of shoes!

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