Winding Down

I have had a very busy week and it has been hard enough to keep up with sewing, let alone blogging. I haven’t even been taking my outfit pictures, so I’m hoping to see some around the web. Luckily, Milk has a cute little photobooth that Claire and I took advantage of before the Erin Fetherston/Suno/Pamela Love/Illesteva/Billy Reid madness. We got out of there just in time – it was insanely packed and tons of people missed the shows while waiting in line.

Though I have admittedly missed several shows due to poor planning and/or tired feet, I am still not at the point where I’m “over” fashion week. I get a little stressed or tired – and sometimes I get bitter about isolated incidents – but the moment I feel too jaded to enjoy the insanity, I will happily hand over my invitations to someone who will appreciate it. It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to have these opportunities and I, for one, want to cherish all of these moments while I have the chance. It can all be taken away at any time – why not enjoy it?

Also, for the record: I know a lot of people assume bloggers have taken over the front row seats, but most of us are still in the standing section. And you know what? It’s an honor just to be invited.

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