the company of kitties

Outfit Details:
dress – Erin Fetherston for Target
lace jacket – thrifted
Blanca shoes and bracelets – courtesy of Nine West

While these photos are from my little apartment in Brooklyn, I’m actually in New Orleans at the moment. I have so, so much to post from here – I’m already absolutely in love with this city and its inhabitants…and the food. It doesn’t hurt that our hosts are probably the best hosts in history, and that Bobby and I are accompanied by two of my favorite gals. More on that, later!

While in New Orleans, I have been in the company of an incredible group of gals and gents. The funniest thing about our conversations is how quickly we are to take our phones out, showing pictures of our pets. Everyone is trying to one up the other with pet-photo-cuteness; you would think these were our children (they are). I just had to post this photo with Vester creeping behind me, because after almost two weeks without my little kitties, I’m really starting to feel guilty that they’re not on vacation with me! I need to teach them how to video chat.

p.s. Apologies if you haven’t been able to reach me by email, as of late. I have been trying to step away from the computer (and my phone, which has the shortest battery life) as much as possible, while spending time with family (and now enjoying New Orleans). I will plan an epic day of email responses, but if it is urgent, please tweet to me and I’ll search for your email!

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  1. Afzal says:

    Very Lovely Dress I wish I could gift to my wife …………… 🙂

  2. jhon says:

    Gorgeous! Love the overalls!

  3. Lisa says:

    Very Lovely design . what is name of this dress ?

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      It’s an old Erin Fetherston for Target dress:)