My Only Crime Is Love

(top three photos from guest of a guest)
Outfit Details:
fringe top – h&m (it’s actually a dress)
tights – courtesy of HUE
vintage skirt – thrifted
Dany platforms – courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection
moto jacket – courtesy of Coach
belt – thrifted
lace jacket – made it myself
small woodstock bag – courtesy of R&Em

The R&Em launch party at Macy’s was a lot of fun. I have many other photos to post, but I didn’t want another day to pass without at least putting up a few photos of the event! Thank you so much to all of my readers and friends who came out to show their support and check out the collection. It was fun to see everyone’s favorites – almost every person seemed to have a different pick. Bobby has several, obviously. I actually have several favorites as well, but the one I carried that night (the Small Woodstock in a beautiful blush color) is probably my number one. Have you peeked at the collection, yet? Which one is your favorite?

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