There is no color here

Outfit Details:
Celadon Origami Wrap – courtesy of Lilla P
silk tank – thrifted
tiered skirt – Gap Kids (it was $4! I bought the largest size)
Steve Madden Caryssa heels – Nordstrom
clubsmen glasses – courtesy of 80s Purple (2 for $20 on their huge collection of sunglasses!)
Maurissa bag – courtesy of Melie Bianco

Rainbow, I do love you. I know I’ve neglected you, in favor of blushes, greys and other neutrals. I’m sorry. This outfit is for you.

I used to wear a lot of color, and a few of my readers felt betrayed when I started gearing my outfits toward softer palettes, asking me to wear more color. I don’t want anyone to think I was ignoring their pleas, but in the end I wear what I grab from my closet – and lately, it’s been filled with muted hues. I go through phases; I like to switch it up now and then. And though I’ve kept my technicolor garments toward the back of my closet, I felt like digging them out today. It’s rainy and grey, and I needed color. But really, it was Audrey who inspired me. We were invited to the Lilla P showroom to pick out a few pieces, in honor of their new store (which is opening next week, in the Meatpacking District), and I went straight for the creams and greys. Then I saw Audrey with an arm full of rainbow and I got envious. It was like seeing a pretty girl with your ex boyfriend, while you’re pajama-clad and walking your dog. I felt boring, so I put down a couple of my choices and picked up some brighter ones.

I’m obviously not going to give up my normal attire, but I have to admit that infusing a shot of color (or a LOT of color) into an outfit was an instant pick-me-up. Thanks, Audrey, for inspiring me to do so!

p.s. A couple of readers pointed out that this color (MAC pro longwear lipcreme in Unlimited) is very similar to what I wanted (Crimzone color with more of an opaque, less glossy finish). You’re absolutely right. It’s a little more pink, but it’s pretty close. I’m going to check out some more purple-ish hues today!

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