Birthday Bop

Outfit Details:
Fabulous Voyage cardigan – courtesy of ModCloth
pink accordion pleat dress (worn as top) – H&M
skirt – thrifted
tights – courtesy of HUE
navy heels – courtesy of Seychelles
belt – thrifted

(my outfit matched one of my grandma’s bathrooms)

Roxy and Tessa, two of my favorite girls in the world.

The Bobby and little Roxy Mae, who helped him blow out the candles and smeared icing on his nose.

The bashful birthday boy.

Bobby and I are a whopping six months apart, with me on the older end of the spectrum. While were in Florida, he finally caught up with my ancient age of 26 and my family was there to celebrate the occasion with us. They surprised him with balloons and gifts, which Roxy was eager to help with, and we had a modest birthday celebration with pizza and cake. Considering Bobby and I have long histories of really bummer-ish birthdays, it was beyond expectations and such a perfect way to celebrate. You can tell by his smile, can’t you? Well, to be fair, he is always smiling. But still, it was a great evening. All you need are the people you love – and dessert.

You should always have dessert. That’s a must.

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