The Fashion Self-Informed vs. Mr. Navy Blue and Black

Outfit Details:
disco craziness – thrifted
jeans – sold design lab (from a gift bag)
belt – vintage, borrowed from one of my dresses
Blanca platforms – courtesy of Nine Westtop – H&M
Groupie bag – R&Em

I don’t have an astutely fine-tuned aesthetic, even if I go through phases that heavily rely on certain details: muted palette vs. vibrant color, overtly girly ruffles and lace vs. that leather jacket I wear too often. I’m hesitant to pigeon-hole myself, because it ends up being really limiting to someone as antsy as me. It’s easy to get used to a person dressing a certain way and assume that’s what defines them (I do that all the time), but what if you just want to wear things you like, regardless of how well it suits your usual pattern? I didn’t think twice about putting this outfit on but when I looked at the pictures, I thought, “this might confuse some people – it’s not girly enough.”

As with every other aspect of my life, my personal style evolves. I’m still into that same old girly crap that I force-feed you on a somewhat daily basis, but in the end, I wear what suits my particular mood on a particular day. I always respected the people who have such identifiable style, because I’m not sure I have that – or will ever be decisive enough to stick to it. I like it, I wear it.

Maybe this is one of the many things that sets me apart from the real professionals (much respect): I don’t really have much rhyme or reason to my style of getting dressed. I just wear whatever the heck I feel like wearing, whether I miss or make the mark. And goddangit, sometimes a girl just wants a little disco in her life. We didn’t all get to live in the 70s.

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