Mercedes-Benz Fashion Force

Last week, Mercedes-Benz invited me to join their Fashion Force in patrolling the streets of New York for people who stand out from the crowd. During fashion week, the Fashion Force focused on finding New York’s most stylishly dressed, but in celebration of the Mercedes-Benz Concept A Class reveal the night before, we decided to focus on something a little more abstract. Instead of concentrating on clothing or conventional beauty, I simply went looking for head-turners in any form. It was an extraordinarily dreary Wednesday morning and the streets were oddly desolate, so it was a little more difficult than I thought, at first. As the day went on, people started to walk about and I found some really great subjects with their own unique beauty.

I jumped out of the car and literally chased Frances down a cobblestone street in the Meatpacking District, before realizing who it was. She was like, “Why is Keiko chasing me?!” but all I saw was her great wavy hair from behind and wanted to get a picture. When she turned around, I was relieved that it was Frances and hoped that she would a) let me get a picture and b) refrain from calling the police. Thank goodness, she obliged and no restraining orders were made.

Isabela is a young girl from Guatemala, on vacation with her family. I adored her sense of style, her sweet demeanor and those big doe eyes with her cropped hair.

Jennifer’s hair and fantastic brows (I have a thing for brows) were what originally caught my attention, but it obviously doesn’t hurt that she has a beautiful face.

I jumped out of the car in pursuit of a woman with a sleek ponytail and bright lipstick, but Annifer’s awesome hair made me turn on my heels and follow her, instead!

Audrey has my dream beauty combo: dark hair, light eyes and freckles. And she’s a pastry chef. That b****. Just kidding, she’s the best – and happens to be one of my favorite bloggers. Read her blog!

This was quite a fun little job to take on, and we gained quite a bit of attention in the decked out Fashion Force car – it even had lights! A construction worker blocked our path to take a photograph, and I think a few of the people I approached thought I was going to give them a citation. Don’t worry, we were only giving compliments (and invitations to the auto show) – no arrests were made!

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