(top three pictures from My Style Pill, bottom picture from Saucy Glossie)
Outfit Details:
sequin/beaded top – thrifted
lovely wave shorts – courtesy of Queen’s Wardrobe
tights – Target
Steve Madden shoes – Nordstrom
MAC bag – gift from Rebecca Minkoff
cuff – LOFT

We truly didn’t plan the color coordination, though it certainly looks that way. These photos are from our first day in New Orleans, when we spoke at the Martine Chaisson Gallery on a NOLA FW panel. Raina moderated the panel, in which she introduced us with a singles ad approach (with our helpful personal tidbits about ourselves) – “Keiko Lynn is a virgo, enjoys cookies of all kinds and is the palest person from South Florida in existence.” It’s a good thing I already have a boyfriend, because I have a feeling that ad wouldn’t get me a whole lot of boyfriends. The vibe of the whole panel was relaxed and fun, with more of a focus on intimate conversation than the usual formalities – it was fresh and interesting. In short, we had a great time answering questions on the panel and mingling within the beautiful gallery space. Look at those bunnies! I could have a whole wall covered in those little babies and Miku and I would be so happy, all the time.

Special thanks to Sparkle Beetle, Martine, the great minds behind NOLA Fashion Week and all of the people who came out to hear us speak!

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