dancing on the corpses’ ashes

Outfit Details:
maxi dress (same style, different color) – gift from Banana Republic
long cardigan – gift from Threadsence
platforms – Aldo
bangles – alex and ani
rhinestone bracelets – vintage, from Hourglass Consignment (both my mom’s and my grandpa’s stores)
sunglasses – gift from 80s purple
aqua ring – gift from Accessorize
big ring – H&Mvintage floral ring – Hourglass Consignment
wishbone necklace – Anirtak (her shop is on hiatus until June)bucket bag – gift from Hobo International

Between Bobby never having a day off and me never having a day of not being sick, we rarely get to spend time together. We live together and still barely see one another – that’s how much he works. Keep in mind that I work from home and I have been bedridden as of late. My only human interaction has been with the Real Housewives, and they are only on TV (though you’d think they were my real life companions, the way I talk about them). I’ve been going stir crazy.

Bobby happened to have the morning off and I felt like bringing my box of tissues out on the town, so we took full advantage. I don’t know about anyone else but when I’m really sick, all I do is sleep and eat. People tell me all the time that they lose weight when they’re sick, but I do the exact opposite. What else can I do when I can’t sew? We went to eat at Building on Bond and then I had to further expand my waistline with donuts from Dough. This is how much of a glutton I am: I remembered seeing delicious looking donuts on Audrey’s blog and I spent a good chunk of time going through her archives to find the name of the place. We got a few donuts to go (beyond delicious, by the way) and headed to Prospect Park. As you can see by my idiotic choice of shoes (and the photo where I’m crouching and contemplating how to get back down the hill), this was a spontaneous jaunt. At one point, I was ready to just roll back down and save myself the fall.

I stumbled…quite a few times. But hey, at least I’m back to walking amongst the living. Or waddling. Whichever.

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