puppy paradise

Outfit Details:
Juicy Couture Era Sunglasses – gift from the Juicy Couture event with Tracy Anderson
camisole – DKNY (it’s the lining cami from one of my blouses)crochet vest – thrifted
floral bed jacket with fringe trim – self made (only one in the floral, but I have several in different fabrics for the shop)
shorts – H&M
Dany platforms – gift from Jessica Simpson Collection
belt – thrifted
Mid City Tote in Poppy – gift from Foley and Corinnarings – vintage (from my mom) and Beacon’s Closetlipstick: EstĂ©e Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Melon (worn over an NYC lip stain in Rock on Ruby)

Miku was thrilled to be at the park and promenade; the weather as of late has left her without her usual playtime with other furry little friends (other than our cats). Hillside Park is such a wonderful, large and well cared for dog park – so many of New York’s other dog parks are sad, small and filled with concrete – and it happens to have an extraordinary view of Manhattan. Right near the promenade and adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge, it must give these pups quite a feeling of luxury. Though, I do think Miku would be just as happy to roll around in mud and follow the horses around at the ranch. She’s a pretty pup and might look high maintenance, but she’s nothing of the sort and not even a bit prissy. Much like her mother (as in me, not her biological one), she is not afraid to get a little dirty and is always up for an outdoor adventure. You can take the girls out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girls.

Okay, we grew up in South Florida. But still, we have horses and goats and stuff. Doesn’t that count?
p.s. In case you’re wondering, Miku is not wearing a muzzle. It’s called a gentle leader🙂

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