Blogger Closet Raid!

Come and raid our closets, this Saturday, June 25th! We’ll be selling stuff from our personal wardrobes from 12-4PM at Tribeca Grand. I’ll have my little sis Tessa and her friend Ally in tow, and I’m putting the money (from my sales) toward a new computer to bring Tessa into the new school year. Shhh, it’s a secret! Well, as long as she doesn’t read this post.

Nitro:licious, The Coveted, Holier Than Now, Sugar Rock Catwalk, Grease and Glamour, Tineey, Sammy Davis Vintage, Lovely Wanderlust, Market Publique, Edun and MiH Jeans will also be there, so the goodies will be plentiful!

Hope to see you there!   
Saturday, June 25th

Tribeca Grand
2 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013

pssst to size 6-7 shoe lovers: Take a sneak peek at what Wendy is selling!

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