Alta Cucina

Knowing that Bobby likes to cook and I like to eat, a friend of mine invited us to attend a cooking class at Alta Cucina, as guests of Rue La La. The cooking class was offered as a part of their local picks, which hosts exclusive events for their members.

Our group was taught by Vito Polosa, owner and chef of Aroma

. He took us through the menu step by step and we created a nice little meal, together as a group. Apparently we messed up the cake but it still tasted pretty good. I started to get a little impatient throughout the course, because 1) I was starving and 2) I’m not really into cooking. But even though I plan on leaving the cooking to Bobby from now on, it was a really fun night and we enjoyed ourselves. Since I make Bobby go to the occasional fashion/beauty related event, it was nice to be at something more in his realm.

p.s. True story: When we were driving home, we saw that there wasn’t a line at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. After a full meal, Bobby stopped the car and got Shake Shack. If you know the usual line at Shake Shack, you probably understand the reasoning behind this. I definitely had some cheese fries. It was necessary!

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