Crazy Cat/Dog Lady

Outfit Details:
Secret Garden Dress – c/o Chloe Loves Charlie
Charcoal Fringe Top – c/o Chloe Loves Charlie
Steve Madden Caryssa heels – Nordstrom
Metallic Taupe MAB – borrowed from Rebecca Minkoff
bracelets – Forever 21
glasses – Ray-Ban vintage necklace – from my mom’s store, Hourglass Consignment

You’d think I never gave my animals any attention, by the way they constantly follow me around and greet me with enthusiasm even when I’m gone for five minutes. It’s actually the opposite – they’re all used to me working from home and spending all of their time at my feet, on my lap or next to me. In short, I’ve raised a bunch of needy, overtly affectionate animals. Case in point – I can’t take a picture without any or all of them trying to get my attention. Today, it was Lacy and Miku.  How cute are they?

p.s. On the topic of kitties: I need your help! If you’re in the NYC area and are looking to adopt a cat or kitten, please check my facebook page. A friend of mine (in Park Slope, Brooklyn) is looking for a home for his two kitties (they’re sisters – have to be adopted together) and I also posted pictures of three kittens who are currently being fostered in Astoria, Queens. Please spread the word and help us find great homes for them!

p.p.s. There seems to be some confusion…I am NOT giving my animals up for adoption. I’m helping someone else!

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