What makes love true

Outfit Details:
Joie silk blouse – c/o Joie
lace skirt – c/o Spotted Moth
belt – thrifted
shoes – Beacon’s Closetvintage bag – Hourglass Consignment
twist key necklace – c/o Tiffany & Co., in celebration of their microsite, What Makes Love True

Bobby is wearing: Urban Outfitters hat and Benjamin shirt by Fischer

There is no authority on love. Love is such an intimate notion and to be in love is beyond description. Or, at least, it is for me. I’ve been in love a handful of times – truly – and I’ll never discredit those that didn’t last. Once you’re in love, it’s difficult to admit to yourself that you can ever fall out of it. It’s right and then…it’s just wrong. From the four year relationship that ran its course to the whirlwind romance that crashed and burned, I’ve become the person I am today – and I’ve learned when to love and when to let go. That is never lost on me.

When Tiffany & Co. sent me this beautiful necklace with the thought provoking question, “What makes love true?” I immediately thought, “Love is whatever you make of it.” That might sound like a cop out, and maybe it is. But each time I fell in love, it felt completely different. That doesn’t make it any less real. What makes love true and long-lasting is all in how you maintain it, and that requires balance and resilience. And if you’re dating me, patience – lots of patience.

I’m a fiery person. I can be tempestuous and lose my temper rather quickly, and I’m extremely stubborn. I need someone who balances me out and keeps me grounded, yet lets me express myself. He needs to accept that I’m going to get riled up every now and then, but not let me get out of control. And maybe bring me back down to earth with a soothing voice and some breathing exercises, if necessary (I’m only kind of joking). More than anything, I need someone who will stick around when things get tough, and I need to want to stick around, too…and be the voice of reason when he needs it.  People don’t often tell you how much maintenance a relationship requires, but know this: there will be rough patches. You need to know when to pick yourselves up and dust each other off and when to let go – and grudges are out of the question. Bobby and I have had our rough patches in the past, but after eight years of friendship and three years of living together, we know how to handle what comes our way. Despite all of my faults, he never gave up on me. And just so you know (because I’m painting myself to be a crazy person with a perfect counterpart), he has his [very minor] faults, too. The goshdarn boy can’t seem to go one day without accidentally throwing away something really important.

Oh, and one other thing that makes love true? Mutual adoration for my animals. Obviously!

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