Ali Ro

I recently had the pleasure of working with three friends (Christine, Christina and Jeannine) on a really fun Ali Ro shoot, where we were given a choice of dresses to style and then freely mixed them with our own personal wardrobe. Each of us picked out some of our favorite pieces from the collection and gave them our own personal twist, walked around Meatpacking and generally just had a good time. It isn’t often that we get to be in front and behind the scenes of a shoot – and when you throw three other really cool girls and a great crew into the mix, things get awesome!

As their featured blogger for the month of September, I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes photos and styling tips on their site. In the coming months, the rest of the girls will be doing the same, so make sure to check back. In the meantime, you can see and shop my favorites from the shoot. Pssst…I think this one was my favorite!

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