Outfit Details:
Just Bright skirt – c/o ModCloth
MAC clutch – c/o Rebecca Minkoff
panda shirt – Forever 21
vest – Beacon’s Closet (originally from Zara)(see makeup here)

I’m sorry for the absence and sincerely appreciate everyone who checked in with me. I’m alive! I’m just in Florida for my sister’s baby shower and have been spending all of my time with family and none of it on the computer. What a nice change of pace. Everyone is sleeping, so I figured I would stop in and say hello.

Some of you might know about my panda obsession. It all started with Snowball and I’ve never outgrown it. Between gifts from family, friends and also from my own purchases, I have a pretty impressive/borderline crazypants collection of panda things. Also, one of my nicknames is Panda. Or Pander, depending on whom you ask.

Naturally, I had to pick up this shirt at Forever 21 as soon as I (or maybe Tessa) spotted it. If I didn’t, what kind of Panda would I be? Not a very good one, I suspect.

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