looks just like the sun

Outfit Details:
silk blouse – DKNY
Adele shorts – Queen’s WardrobeBoxy leather tote – c/o Foley + Corinna
Seychelles Clue booties – c/o Seychelles
belt – thrifted
bracelets – Forever 21 (bangles) and gift from a shoot (multi-colored)vintage glasses (prescription) – Guvnor’s Vintage Rainbow Warrior Necklace by Sea of Bees – c/o Emerging Thoughtslipstick: Bobbi Brown Rose

I meant to post this Thursday, and then again yesterday. The problem was that our internet was out, because a provider who-must-not-be-named (Time Warner) has the spottiest service, rivaled only by that of AT&T. I sure know how to choose ’em.

So, here’s a quick Saturday post, featuring a few of my new favorite items: the purse, which I’ve been wearing almost constantly, comfy and cute shoes from my friends at Seychelles and the most awesome necklace, ever. Emerging Thoughts, one of Postlapsaria’s and all independent designers’ biggest supporters (and carriers), just got in a bunch of really incredible items from independent designers and sent me a little care package, which included this necklace. It’s handmade by a girl in Orlando, which happens to be where I lived for five years! I’m in double love.

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