Makeup Monday: Cheap Thrills and Quick Changes

(Revlon lipsticks – all purchased at CVS)

When it comes to drugstore brands, I’m a bit of a Revlon fan girl. I’m particularly fond of their lipsticks, which come in a bajillion (give or take a few) shades and finishes. I’m a lipstick girl for more than one reason, but mostly, I love that it can change your look in just one step! Since becoming a CVS Beauty Board member, I’ve probably been spending a little too much time in their makeup aisle. I only recommend products I actually use and stand by, so naturally I have to try everything out. I’ve found a slew of new favorites (and a couple of misses, which I promptly returned) in the Revlon lipstick section alone, which I have showcased in the pictures above.

Isn’t it crazy how just one swipe of lipstick can completely change your look? I’m wearing the same face and eye makeup in each (though the lighting is different in a few). What’s your favorite lipstick of the moment?

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