Win three products of your choice, courtesy of Nuance Salma Hayek!

As a member of the CVS Beauty Club Beauty Board, I had the pleasure of meeting and having lunch with Salma Hayek, the creator of Nuance (see my post on Nuance here). Though I already read how involved Salma was in developing her line of cosmetics, haircare and skincare, it became even clearer to me how much of her heart and soul she poured into this collection. When I say this lady knows her stuff, I mean she knows every ingredient that goes into each product and what its benefits are – and might even have a personal story to go along with it. I was blown away and incredibly inspired. She could have just slapped her name on it and called it a day but instead, she spent years ensuring that everything was just so.

When one of the attendees asked her what product she would recommend for every woman, she answered very honestly that it completely depends on the woman’s needs and preferences. There were no one-size-fits-all products, and that’s why she offered such an expansive variety. When CVS and Nuance offered to hold a giveaway for my readers, I took her sentiment to heart and decided, what better way than to let you decide on your own three favorite products?

THREE of my lucky winners will get to choose their three favorite products!

To enter, check out the Nuance tab on the CVS Beauty Club Facebook and pick out your three favorite products. Then, leave a comment here with the three choices you would like to win!

If you need help picking out your products, browse Salma’s videos on the collection, her inspiration and her favorite products!

Entries will be accepted until this Friday, September 30th, 9 pm EST. Winners will be contacted directly and announced in this post. Good luck!

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