full length mirror

Outfit Details:
hat – Gap
cropped lace blouse – Postlapsaria
polka dot blouse – c/o ModCloth
scallop hem shorts – Queen’s Wardrobe (similar/cheaper pair here)
socks – Nordstrom
platinum boots – Seychelles (style from last year)
Coach Classic purse – c/o Coachglasses – Ray-Ban style RB5226

I don’t own a full length mirror. I’d love to act like it’s because I’m not self aware, but considering that my blogging hobby/side job is the epitome of just that…I’ll just tell you the truth. My freaking cats broke two, already. Those cats get crazy at night and bounce off the walls. Literally, not figuratively. Hence, the fallen mirrors and now, a broken ledge on their enormous cat condo. I’m not willing to risk any abscesses just to indulge myself in a daily, “How do I look?”

Instead, I end up walking out of the house looking kind of silly, every once in awhile (or maybe more frequently, depending on your opinion). With the absence of a mirror large enough to see more than my upper half, I make the mistake of asking Bobby if I look okay – and he always, always says I look great. This is not a knee-jerk reaction he learned in boyfriend training, nor is it because he truly thinks I always look great. It’s because he wants to get the heck to wherever we are going and is not willing to give me the opportunity to change my outfit. I know this because I do the same thing to Kim all the time.

Kim, I’m kidding. Or am I?

Regardless, I met my friends for dinner on this particular day and ended up making a poor sock and footwear decision. I do love these boots, but they do not work with this outfit.

And that is the long-winded story about how I don’t own a full length mirror. The end.

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