Halloween Weekend

Miku, the prettiest unicorn/Pegasus.

Me, in my last minute, homemade little red riding hood costume. Since someone asked, my iphone case is Rory Beca for Power Support USA (it was a gift).

Brian and Kim, as Margot and Richie Tenenbaum.

Helena as Mia Wallace and Kim as Margot.

Kitty Christine and her werewolf boyfriend, “A”.

This weekend, we took a trip to Philly to celebrate Kim’s birthday. It was also my sister Amanda’s birthday, and two days before that was my best friend Lauren’s birthday – and today, Halloween, is Roxy Mae’s birthday! So many October birthdays, so many excuses to eat candy.

Bobby was unable to take off work for the weekend, but Helena kept me company on the drive over. We were driving through slushy snowfall, so the usual two hour drive took us almost four hours. Still, it was totally worth it; we had such a blast. I have the videos to prove it. Being the only sober one at a party has its perks;)

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