broken glass

Rebecca Minkoff broken glass print Rumi dress (borrowed), Coach jacket (old), Gap hat, Ray-ban glasses, vintage blue bracelet , Carol Marie bangle (courtesy of Carol Marie)

My schedule has been somewhat hectic and unpredictable since Kitty Boos got sick and I’m playing cat nurse, so here’s a little preview of the post I’ll be putting up later today.

If you don’t follow me on twitter, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Boo was really sick two years ago and almost died, and we just had another scare – naturally, the day Bobby went to LA for a little trip. Boobear had to have emergency surgery on Friday, but he’s back home and recovering. He has three weeks of medication and bed rest, and I’ve been a worried kitty mommy, watching him like a hawk. He chewed off the bandage around his pain medication sticker thing and now I’m afraid to go to sleep in case he ODs. No, really, this is what my mind goes to – a cat going on a pain med bender and passed out in a gutter. The vet assured me he will be fine and the dosage is really low at this point, since we’re five days in, but of course I am neurotic and thinking of worst case scenarios.

I have barely slept in days. This is why I can’t have kids! Do you see how I am with my animals? I’m a crazy lady. Boo looks at me the wrong way and I’m on the phone with the vet. I bet they love me.

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