borrowed scarves

Outfit Details:scarf – Zara, borrowed from Bobby
Landon Cardigan – c/o Joie (also seen here)
lace top – thrifted
skirt – Anthropologie (sale rack – *might* still have some but I got it awhile ago)belt – thrifted
bag – c/o Coach (old)
Kelsi Dagger booties – Gilt
lipstick – MAC Runaway Red

I often borrow scarves from Bobby, who dutifully hangs his coats and scarves in an organized row – unlike my laundry pile castaways and behind-the-dresser stragglers. I can never seem to find my own scarves, because I take them off and sling them across the room in what I imagine to be a very dramatic fashion, or I drop them into a black hole. I could hang them, but that would be too logical – just like I could take my shoes off in one spot, but for some reason I find one in the bedroom and another by front door. I often wonder how this happens. I guess I just take one off, hobble a little and then kick the other one off wherever it lands. And then the next day, you hear me saying, “Where’s my other shoe? Why can’t I ever find my shoes?!” That’s when there is a real issue – because I can borrow Bobby’s scarves, his jeans, his socks, shirts, and even his keys, but definitely not his shoes. I bet he’s happy about that.

And you know what I’m happy about? Actually having a place to store my shoes (and clothes). We’re moving into a new apartment and I have a much roomier closet that will be put to good use. Celebration/organization time!

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  1. nicole says:

    hello. love the glasses, can’t eat the brand name, i am looking after new glasses, and love yours, can you please tell me the brand name. regards nicole