on friendship and creepers

I can’t believe I forgot to post this picture of me and Kim! It’s from the same day as this post (if you want to see outfit details, just check that link).

One of the greatest things that blogging has brought me are some wonderful friendships. Without getting too Hallmark commercial on all of you, I just had to say that I’m incredibly grateful for the friends it has brought me. I had a difficult time meeting new people when I moved to New York, since I have always worked from home and was no longer in a school setting. Was I supposed to approach strangers on the street and ask them if they wanted to hang out? I was getting close to trying that, since I didn’t know anyone and was pretty lonely. Imagine what that would look like, on the streets of New York. That’s right, I was five seconds away from being a friendship prostitute.

I’ve since met a ton of awesome people through this newfangled doodad you kids call the internet (have you heard of it?) which shouldn’t have been much of a surprise to me, since I have some longstanding friendships that originated on LiveJournal. You can meet a ton of creeps on the internet, but you can also find some really cool people. I was lucky to find both, with emphasis on the latter (whew!). [Related side note: weird guy with the creepy pantyhose fetish who keeps asking to buy my used hosiery, I don’t think we are meant to be friends. It’s not me, it’s you.]

You might see pictures of me and my “blogging friends” pop up on our respective blogs, twitters and instagram feeds, but we often find ourselves explaining to people that all of us are real friends – and what lucky gals we are to have found each other.

Heck, even the creepy pantyhose guy deserves my gratitude, because he makes for some good stories. See? There’s a place for everyone.

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