Weekend Wear: How Very!

Outfit Details:
scarf – vintage (see tutorial on how to tie it here)
striped top and trench – c/o Very
shorts – Queen’s Wardrobe
Seychelles Petunia heels – c/o Seychelles
Rebecca Minkoff Covet -c/o Rebecca Minkoff (mine is old – I linked to a pretty Spring version)
lipstick – MAC Russian Red

Funny story: When I had dinner with the lovely folks of Very – a British based clothing site – a little while back, I asked them if they named it after the catchphrase in Heathers. They had no idea what movie I was talking about (stupid Keiko!), so I guess that was my answer. That didn’t stop me from trying to convince them that 1) they needed to see the movie and 2) they should adopt the catchphrase.

Think about it: They could have the site divided into color coordination depending on which Heather you identified with (red, green, yellow), and a special blue and black spot for Veronicas. The guys section could be called J.D. and it would consist of large overcoats, gear fit for motorcycle rides and crime committing, and t-shirts that say, “Greeting and Salutations.” How very!

This is where my mind goes, my friends. I don’t want to be pushy or anything, but if they ever think of restructuring their highly successful site into something niche and a little weird that would be lost on anyone who has never seen the movie, they should give me a call. The offer is on the table. Corn nuts!

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