Here I Go Again

Outfit Details:
hat – Gap
sunglasses – Juicy Couture
jacket – Helmut Lang
Chinti and Parker tank – c/o Chinti and Parkerred crossbody bag – c/o Banana Republic
skinny skinny ankle floral jeans – c/o Madewell
fishies necklace – vintagehorseshoe ring – Beacon’s ClosetRebecca Minkoff Bliss PumpConfederacy
lipstick – MAC Russian Red

I’m a huge fan of road trips, as long as I’m driving or in the front seat at all times. Bobby isn’t really one for adventures or side roads; he drives straight through on the interstate. That does not count as a road trip to me and therefore I sleep the whole way through. One of these days, I’m going to get an automatic (he drives a manual) so I can take my own route. I’d say that I would learn how to drive stick, but I’ve already tried and it just doesn’t work for me. I can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time, and when I turn to look at something, sometimes the wheel goes with me. I’m not good at multitasking. I am, however, really good at singing Here I Go Again by Whitesnake at the top of my lungs – my favorite driving song – but don’t expect any Tawny Kitaen kicks or cartwheels while I’m driving. Lady had talents I can’t even fathom.

Another thing I’m really good at is going off on tangents and forgetting the reason I started a story in the first place. I got on the topic of road trips because I teamed up with Madewell to announce the kickoff of their super cool Denim Road Trip! Follow them on twitter at @madewell1937 to keep track of their vintage Airstream’s (!!!) trip across the country and make sure to visit them while they’re in your town. It starts tomorrow in NYC (at Astor Place) and goes through May 19th. There will be special discounts, styling, a braid bar and of course, lots of denim!

Maybe they’ll even play a road trip mix cd with a little bit of Whitesnake; who knows? I sure hope so. It wouldn’t be a party without a hair band power ballad, am I right?

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