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Makeup Monday: Etsy Weddings

Today’s Makeup Monday was specially created for the launch of Etsy Weddings. I’m a longtime shopper and occasional seller on Etsy, so I was really excited to be a part of this (and even more excited to see upcoming features)! You can read the step by step instructions on the site, but here are a few extra tips for your wedding day makeup:

 – Don’t stray too far from the makeup routine you are comfortable with; just perfect it. You want to look like you!
– Avoid products with SPF on your big day; it doesn’t photograph well. If you’ve ever wondered why your face looks ghostly pale in flash photographs, it’s probably because you had SPF in your moisturizer or makeup.
– Keep blotting papers nearby to soak up excess oil without having to cake on makeup.
– Do a test run before the day of your wedding. Check the makeup in natural light, artificial light, and with flash.
– And of course, go for the waterproof mascara and liner. That should go without saying;)

Click here to view the full tutorial on Etsy Weddings! 

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