Makeup Monday: Restores Dazzle

cheeks: MAC Cremeblend Blush in Restores Dazzle, MAC lipstick in Violetta (LE – check to see if your local store or counter has Heroine in stock for a similar look, or try Revlon Berry Haute), Urban Decay Stardust Lip Gloss in Glitter Rock

Lately, my eyes have been super sensitive – probably because I’m under the weather. I’ve been forgoing my liner and even mascara on most days, which is hard on my ego because my eyes all but disappear without them. I have short, straight lashes that refuse to curl, and even mascara does little to enhance them (proof: I’m actually wearing a coat in the pictures). But I’ll take a tiny blow to the ego before eye pain any day, so I’ve been embracing the naked eye and focusing on something I don’t give enough love to on this blog: blush! I’m going to point out the obvious here and say that the name Restores Dazzle is all too appropriate for this creamy blush; it takes my sickly pallor and gives it life! Paired with a pop of bright, glossy fuchsia on the lips, you’d swear I haven’t spent the last week in bed with a box of tissues, loads of cold medicine, and a Golden Girls marathon. I hope.

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