and what horses we rode through what somber fields

 Outfit Details:

vintage floral fascinator – gift from my mom

vintage dress – c/o Iron Orchid Vintage (last seen here)

Cynthia Vincent Gemma heels – c/o Cynthia Vincent

vintage wicker purse – gift from my mom’s friend Dawn

ring – Accessorize

vintage bracelets – gifts from my mom

lipstick – MAC Russian Red

I think I forgot how much a few days in the country could mend everything and melt away anxiety. I guess it’s because I haven’t been back to Fellsmere since my pony Shawn passed away, and Fellsmere was always my reprieve from real life and the weight that came with it. It was hard enough to go back after Rowdy died, but losing Shawn only a year later made it practically impossible. What used to be my sanctuary is now a graveyard.

It’s not the same, especially without the company of my horses, but a day spent in nature was an excellent escape. I’ve just been a little on edge lately, and walking around barefoot in a vintage cotton dress – complete with bruised up knees and impractical headwear – was just what I needed. I’m definitely making an effort to do it more often. And though I didn’t get to ride any horses, I did meet a lovely mare who kissed me on the nose. What more could a gal ask for?

Speaking of getting out of the city and exploring more – where should we go on our next day trip? Preferably something less than three hours away from NYC. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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