let’s get out of this country

Outfit Details:

lace jacket – self made (with leftover lace from my sister’s wedding dress)

Madison Marcus floral maxi dress – c/o Madison Marcus

belt – thrifted
hat – h+mRebecca Minkoff Mini Mac – c/o Rebecca Minkoffring – gift from Kimblylipstick – Bobbi Brown Rose

True to my word, I made it my mission to take a day trip out of the city, this weekend. This might seem like quite an easy feat, and while it usually is – especially since we have a car – the usual happened. And by the usual, I mean I had a stroke of bad luck. Well, to be fair, this was less about my own luck and more about Bobby being Bobby and forgetting that there are strict parking enforcements. You see, he’s a head in the clouds, sunshiney and smiley guy; he’s the balance to my doom and gloom, rain on your parade with loads of logic disposition I can sometimes have.  He’s a combination of Pooh, Piglet and Tigger – I’m Eeyore, Rabbit and Owl. Miku is Roo, if you’re wondering. Her job is just being really adorable and getting carried around.

It’s great that Bobby’s so carefree, except when it comes to things like…not getting parking tickets. But instead of just a ticket, Bobby’s car got towed on Friday, and we couldn’t pick it up until Monday. It sometimes seems that Murphy’s Law likes to follow me around and play peek-a-boo whenever I have plans, but no matter, because I’m a resourceful gal and there are rental cars for a reason. Boom! There’s my logic, raining all over you. It also took us to the countryside and we had a pretty magical time. Not Hundred Acre Woods magical, but enough to help me catch my breath. And sometimes, that’s all a gal needs.

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