My Week, On Instagram

Last week, on instagram (follow me @keikolynn)

Left to right, top to bottom:

1) My friend Erin was in town last week. We stayed up until sunrise and beyond; we went to GoogaMooga and left with empty stomachs. I miss her already!
2) Erin is obsessed with Jurassic Park; she quotes it all the time. While on our way to the park (Prospect, not Jurassic), she found this poster at a stoop sale and almost had a heart attack. $1 later, it was all hers. I’ve never seen someone so happy to have a velociraptor in her life.
3) I picked up this Ben Minkoff bag for Bobby at the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale. I already borrowed it.
4) heart knees
5) vintage, painted makeup bag. I think it’s Madonna, but some people insist it looks like Kim.
6) Bobby
7) Ombré glitter gel nails by MAC. More on that, soon!
8) I spent Thursday at the Swarovski offices (everything matched my nails!) with Eric Daman, mega stylist and costume designer for Gossip Girl. Our group was a goofy match made in heaven. Not to keep teasing you or anything, but I’ll have more on that soon, too.
9) I’m so excited – my good friend Kim and her boyfriend Brian are going to be our neighbors, soon!
10) Faux thigh high tights and Jessica Simpson Dany platforms. It looks like I’m showing a little leg to hitch a ride. I can’t help but think of Chi-Chi in To Wong Foo: “I got more legs than a bucket of chicken!”

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