peter pan and polka dots

Outfit Details:
scarf – vintage
peter pan blouse – local boutique, but ModCloth carries it, too
Paige Denim Polka Dot jeans – Shopbop
bow heels – $8.88 shoe store in Florida
Cynthia Vincent Berkeley tote – c/o Cynthia VincentJungle Chic glasses – c/o Bonlooklipstick – MAC Russian Red
If you want to see what a baby I am when I’m woken up from a nap, look no further than the second picture. I know, poor little Keiko, had to wake up from her mid-day siesta. Life’s so rough! I’m rolling my eyes for all of us, don’t worry. I’m not usually a nap person, but I just can’t stay awake in a moving vehicle for long. And I don’t do well with that whole “waking up” thing that people are so into. I find it to be a horribly jarring experience and would prefer to sleep right through it, thank you very much.
Stretchy jeans are my go-to for road trips and travels in general – as is the head scarf (tutorial here). But despite the comfort of their extra stretch, skinny jeans are not very flattering on my body type: big hips, thick thighs. I need a little something to balance all that out. But let’s just go ahead and put this out there: I have a hard time resisting a pair of polka dotted jeans, okay? I can only do so much.

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