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Puppy Kisses

Outfit Details:

vintage silk Japan scarf – gift from my mom

Rosé Garden Top – c/o ModCloth

Jungle Chic glasses – c/o BonLook

Citizens of Humanity floral jeans – Shopbop (also seen here and here)
lip color – MAC So Vain Kissable Lipcolour
liner – Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner in Sabbath
Cliché at it sounds, it seems like only yesterday that little Miku came teetering into my life. My mom is as much of an animal lover as I am and never deprived us of furry, feathered, and reptilian friends throughout our childhood and beyond. We even had a few hairless rats, too, because sometimes the ugliest ones are the most endearing.  When I went away to college, I was incredibly lonely without an animal companion; I was nearly friendless as well, save for my roommates, Courtney and Stefanie, and a very busy pre-med Malisa. My mom smuggled my bunny Peanutty aka Nunner the #1 Bunner into my apartment, and I was happy again. A little over a year later – while home for Easter – my mom surprised me with a tiny little ball of fur named Miku.
Only, I didn’t name her Miku. But I’ll get to that.
Amanda was still in high school and living at home, at the time – and back then, we didn’t get along as well as we do now. Though I got in pretty late and Amanda was sleeping, my mom insisted that I go into her room and say hello. Upon opening the door, a magical baby princess with a unicorn glow came out from under the dresser and I got really teary eyed and yelled out, “Baby kitty!”
I should mention that I call every kind of animal a kitty or bunny, at some point in time. Mice are kitties, birds are kitties, puppies are both bunnies and kitties. Cows are kitty cows – they get the supplement for whatever reason. But I digress, as I often do.
At first, I didn’t realize she was even mine. Hello, I lived in student housing and wasn’t allowed to have a bunny, much less a puppy, even if she would’ve raised the property value based on her presence alone. But my mom is a little crazy and doesn’t like rules. She saw a puppy in need of a home and a girl in need of a puppy. We were a match made in puppy adoption heaven, and it turned out that Nunner and Miku were quite a dynamic duo, as well. I’ve never seen a bunny have so much authority over a pup. Then again, I’ve never met a bunny quite like Peanutty. She was a special one.
Once the initial shock wore off, I got down to the naming business. I’ve named many an animal in my life. Puppy, for instance. He’s a cat. I also had a bird named Feathers – and yes, I’m the one who named Kitty Boos. I even named a friend’s dog Sir Barks A Lot, when I was little. Clearly, I have a talent worthy of recognition. But my mom disagreed and shot down all of my potential names for Miku. First, I wanted to name her Bunny. Being that I had a bunny and could also have a dog named Bunny, I thought this was an excellent option. Luckily for The Glamourai and her adorable Papillon, I complied and went searching for more brilliant options. I still call her Bunny, though – along with a million other nicknames (Mikachu, Mikanese, Mookoo Las Vegas, Meeky Schmeeky, Sprincess, Love Bug, Baby Doll, Schmooks, Kugar, etc). 
Next up, I went for another obvious but brilliant one: Unicorn. Smacked down by my mom again, I altered it to Unico, like the lovable Sanrio character. Boom, she dismissed it. I tried out Cheese, in honor of my favorite character on Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends. At that point, she decided I was unfit to name such a beautiful creature and therefore took over that honor. It took her all of five minutes (I might be exaggerating) to grace Miku with a moniker I can’t imagine her without. 
And that’s how Miku got her name, in the same way I got mine: from my mom. I guess it only makes sense for both of us to have Japanese names. She is my little baby, after all.

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