adopt a best friend, this saturday!

 Miku is posing with a pair of my favorite Seychelles shoes in honor of Lord & Taylor’s Perfect Pairs Pet Adoption Day! This Saturday, June 23rd from 1PM-5PM, Lord & Taylor will be hosting rescued pets who are available for adoption. I’m hoping that all of the animals will find loving new homes! Read more about the adoption event and its participants here. Please spread the word and get these animals adopted! Remember, it’s in all of their stores – not just NYC!

If you’re a longtime reader, you probably already know the stories behind my animal friends. People ask me all the time who Miku’s breeder was, but not only is she a mutt, like her mama – she’s adopted! Here’s the story behind my four fur babies: I adopted Miku from one of Tessa’s schoolmates (when she was in elementary school), Kitty Boos was a flea-bitten, roughed up stray kitten found near my mom’s ranch, and Vester and Lacy (biological siblings) were part of a litter who were dumped on the side of a road. All my life, we have always adopted or rescued animals. There are so many homeless animals in need of a loving family!

My sister’s dog, Axle (the giant dog who frequents my instagram) was scheduled to be put to sleep the very day my sister found him. He is about as perfect as a dog can get: gentle, loving, smart, and well behaved. No one can ever believe that he was going to be put down! Her cat, Pinky, was also adopted from the pound – he was a very sick little kitten with a broken tail, and without pads on his feet. Knowing no one else in their right mind would adopt him, we took him home and doctored him up. Noticing a pattern, here? And if you think you can’t get a purebred at a shelter, you’re wrong. My childhood buddy Teddy, the best Golden Retriever who ever lived, was proof of that. I hope that all of you animal lovers will consider adopting when you are ready to introduce a furry friend into your home. And if you’re ready now, please stop by Lord & Taylor this Saturday. You just might meet your match!

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