Today marks the official launch of my StyleOwner storefront! I combed through the extensive list of products available through StyleOwner to fill my shop with some of my favorite things, from beauty products to handbags and clothing. The idea behind StyleOwner is to empower women to be entrepreneurs – and the best part is, they don’t have to invest any of their own money into it.

With StyleOwner, you can set up and completely customize your own shop (it is completely free!) with all of your favorite items. If someone buys an item from your shop, the retailer ships it directly to them and then you receive a 10% commission. You can market your store on social networks or even with your friends – it’s a cool way to personalize their shopping experience and act as a stylist for them! With the money you make from sales, you have three choices: receive a check, use the credit to make your own purchases, or donate it to charity.

I’m using my StyleOwner to raise money for Free Arts NYC, an organization that provides educational arts and mentoring to low income, homeless, abused, and neglected children. Please check out my shop and let me know if you set up your own. 

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