How I Met Your Style

all photos by Ken Wu of How I Met Your Style
I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with Ken Wu of How I Met Your Style, a site that reveals the personal side of people behind influential blogs and brands. I was honored to be included in a group of people I’ve long admired, and had a great time showing Ken around my neighborhood (“Here’s a brownstone…and here’s another brownstone…and there’s a stroller…and now we’re at the park.”) and inside my apartment/zoo. I haven’t documented the “new” apartment very much yet, because it’s a work in progress – but you can catch a tiny glimpse of my living situation and my hammy animals on their full post. Clearly, Miku, Vester, and Lacy were born to be stars; they insisted in being in almost every shot. All except for Kitty Boos, who must have gone to The Milford School, where “Children should be neither seen nor heard” – because he made himself invisible all day. I’m pretty sure Ken thought I made him up.
See lots more photos and read my interview over at How I Met Your Style.

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