My Week, On Instagram

My week, on instagram (follow me @keikolynn) – #summerofvanessa edition.

Left to right, top to bottom:
1) Sunset, from Tanya’s rooftop.2) My friend Vanessa was in town this week, so we all got together and had a bbq at Tanya’s. This is just a small part of the group.3) Vanessa put together a couple of cheese plates; she’s domestic like that.4) Bobby made special Vanessa cocktails for the evening. He and Brian (Kim’s boyfriend) made delicious food for all of us.5) Drinks with the DBA ladies: Netta, Vanessa, Reesa, and Morgan. 6) Delicious tuna tacos at the Treehouse Bar.7) Sassy Miss V looking very Miami Vice.8) Miss Amy Keller’s birthday celebration at Cafe Gitane. Those are cute little handmade goodie bags, stuffed with treats.9) My favorite piggy bank, and a vintage bag from my mom.10) Miku is perfect.11) Miku is still perfect, but this time, she’s wearing a LouLou Loves You crown. What a doll!12) I found these Hazel Village dolls at the Brooklyn Flea and couldn’t resist getting them for my niece and baby nephew. Aren’t they cute?

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