My Week, On Instagram

My week, on instagram (follow me @keikolynn) – Florida family visit edition.

Left to right, top to bottom:
1) Ryder, my little baby nephew, loves Bobby. 2) Roxy Mae, my niece, at the water park.3) I took my oldest nephew, Jackson, to Build A Bear. He named his new little buddy “California.” 4) Lunch with my grandparents.5) My sister’s cat, Pinky Ernest Tooters (he’s a Hemingway), and Tessa’s stuffed animal, Flopper.6) Miku and my Miku mirror.7) Snowball! I’ve had her since I was a baby. She’s the reason for my panda obsession.8) Roxy Mae, looking pretty.9) While passing through Orlando, we made a stop at Matt’s house so he could visit with Miku. This is his tattoo of our late bunny, Peanutty. And that’s Miku’s little paw.10) My friend Shae sent me this painted photograph. Check out her work!

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