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Makeup Monday: Define Your Brows

BeautyMint is sponsoring Makeup Monday for the month of August, so it’s all about skincare and minimalist makeup that showcases great skin. This week, we’re talking about brows. My friend Holly (pictured) wears very little makeup, and as you can see, she doesn’t really need it! She’s gorgeous just as she is, but I’ve been dying to see her with a more defined brow, just to see how she liked it. 
I’m crazy about brows, and don’t leave the house without them filled in. I’ll skip everything else – but having my brows defined makes me feel more put together, more awake. Since I am in Los Angeles, where my dear friend and favorite makeup artist Roland Viado resides, I asked him to give Holly a mini makeup lesson on how to get great brows. Guess what? She loved it, and walked out with a new brow pencil so she can practice at home.

Before: Naturally gorgeous, but as Holly said, “A little blurry.” She wanted to look more “in focus”, but without a lot of makeup.

 Fill your brows using short, soft strokes in the direction of hair growth, following the natural shape of your brow. (If you need more tips on shaping your brows, check this post). Roland used MAC Lingering brow pencil.

Use a brush to comb your brows. This will help tame and blend the color to make it look more natural. Roland uses a Frends brush, but any stiff bristled brush will do.

Set with clear brow gel.

Repeat. Or, do that asymmetric look at the top if you’re feeling kooky (don’t).

See what a difference that makes? This is without blush, lip color, or even mascara. Just great skin and strong brows. 
Thank you to BeautyMint for sponsoring this Makeup Monday, Holly for modeling, and Roland for lending his talents. See more of my posts featuring BeautyMint here and check back next Monday for more skincare tips and makeup tricks!

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