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Makeup Monday: Travel Skin Care

For the month of August, BeautyMint is sponsoring Makeup Mondays! Naturally, the focus will be on skin care, as well as makeup that showcases clean, natural looks. I’m a true BeautyMint user, and I get so many questions about my own skin care – but since I’ve already given a detailed post about my daily routine, I decided to kick things off with a related topic I’m frequently asked about: travel skin care. It’s perfect timing because I happen to be staying in a hotel in California right now. Hello, from the west coast!
Traveling can wreak havoc on your skin, due to the dry air on the plane and changes in climate, water, etc – so it’s no time to skimp on skin care. In fact, I stick closely to my regular routine and even amp it up a bit by drinking lots and lots of water, moisturizing more often (particularly on the plane), and doing easy DIY, in-hotel treatments during my downtime. I’m crazy when it comes to skincare, so I pack more in this department than I do shoes or clothes. Want to know my travel skin care routine? Keep reading!
My routine, morning and night: BeautyMint Essential Cleanser, Sculpting Treatment, Ultra Replenishing Serum, and Renewing Moisturizer. Boscia Eye Treatment, Clarisonic Mia. I’ve been using BeautyMint for several months now, and I’m a huge fan. I’m particularly fond of the anti-aging treatments; prevention is my intention.

While on flights, I skip makeup in favor of glasses (or sunglasses) and a moisturized face, and make sure to keep my hands and lips moisturized, too. I carry L’Occitane Hand Cream, blotting papers to combat excess shine from all of my moisturizing (I also love the ones from Muji), and Burt’s Bees to keep my lips from chapping. My mom says I should be on that show about crazy obsessions because I’m constantly applying lip balm.
 Aveda Stress-Fix lotion (perfect after a long day of travel), makeup wipes, a cooling face mask for downtime in the hotel. I think I started doing face masks in the hotel because of My Best Friend’s Wedding. 

Skin care in a pinch: soaked tea bags (caffeinated) relieve puffy eyes, honey and sugar make a nice exfoliant (especially when I forget my clarisonic…like I did today!) Another great DIY exfoliant: baking soda and warm water.
Now that you know my travel skin care routine, I’d love to hear about yours!

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