Makeup Monday: Backstage at Ruffian

Amidst the backstage chaos at Ruffian, the models, MAC makeup artists, and Bumble and Bumble stylists seemed extraordinarily calm and collected – especially considering it was only 7:00 AM. Senior makeup artist James Kaliardos created the look with Williamsburg hipsters and an 18th century painting as a hybrid inspiration. And if we’ve learned anything from the Manhattanites in Bravo’s New York based Gallery Girls, all Brooklyn girls wear red lipstick and weird clothes. Something tells me that wasn’t his reference, but it would be amazing and hilarious if it was. I may not be in Williamsburg, but I am a Brooklynite, and I do love bold brows and red lips. And to be fair, also weird clothes. 
Here’s the breakdown:
Hair: Textured pompadours with sleek sides and tousled ends.
Nails: A gorgeous blue with gold filigree. If you love nail art, follow MAC Cosmetics’ Keri Blair on instagram. Makeup: Contoured cheeks, ultra bold brows, wash of grey shadow, no mascara or liner. As for the lips, all of the models wore lipstick from the MAC Ruffian collection, with the red-heads in Ruffian Red, and the rest in Ruffian Naked. Overall, a bold yet fuss-free look that can be easily interpreted at home. In fact, as soon as I get the face chart (I forgot to grab a photo), I will show you how to do it!

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