Outfit Details:hat – Marshalls (I removed the band and added new trim)vintage dress – Beacon’s Closet (I shortened the hem)Sunflower heels – c/o Gentle SoulsBen Minkoff Nikki Messenger – borrowed from Bobbyrings – Beacon’s Closet and gift from Kimfaux python bracelet – c/o Karla Deras for Roman Luxe Warby Parker Tenleys

Sunflowers remind me of the 90s; it was all about sunflowers and daisies, back then. My preferences leaned toward the former, which was made obvious by my room’s decor of sunflowers and cows. Why sunflowers and cows, you ask? Because Nicole, my older sister, and I shared a room and we made a compromise. I’m not sure who chose which, but it was a dynamic combination. I started drawing cartoon cows with hearts for spots and sunflowers abound, which I sold at school for five to twenty-five cents. It was a sliding scale. I was a hustler. I guess there’s really no point to this story – I just started thinking about sunflowers and went where the wind took me. Whoopsie daisy.

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