It’s raining cats and dogs.

Outfit Details:

Dear Creatures cat blouse – c/o Emerging Thoughts

sailor pants – c/o Corey Lynn Calter

bag – c/o LK Bennett

watch – Coach

shoes – Nordstrom

rings – vintage and Beacon’s Closet

glasses – Ray-Ban

lipstick – MAC Love Forever

By now, these pictures feel pretty old, but they are the perfect fit for our current weather. On this particular day, the sky turned black almost instantly and we were completely drenched within minutes. One epic argument with a very mean taxi driver later (long story), a sopping wet version of myself found another, kinder cab driver who took pity on me and drove me over the bridge and back home. He got a really big tip, and I immediately took a hot shower and went to bed. And now, with this mean old hurricane approaching (thanks, Sandy), I think I’ll do exactly the same thing. Minus the fighting with a cab driver thing. I’m trying to keep that to a minimum.

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