do what you love, love what you do

Outfit Details:

dress – Supayana (I also bought this magical version)

bow belt – c/o Ruche

dot tights – Madewell

Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff shoes – gift from Lauren of Emerging Thoughts 

“Be Brave” and arrows screened boards – Sisters of Nature 

“Do What You Love, Love What You Do” screen print – Fifty Five Hi’s

I bought this cotton, handmade dress from Supayana. Yana and I go way back to the LJ Indie Designer Club days (I made that club name up just now; it isn’t real but the name needs work), and I’ve been following her line for years. I was excited to add this dress to my collection, since I already have a couple of her tops from a few years back. Though I haven’t had it for long, I’ve already worn it twice. I tend to wear cotton dresses all year long, adding layers and tights as the temperature drops. It was warmer in Nashville, so I was able to get away with a lightweight sweater, but it’s cold in New York! I’m rearranging my room at the moment, and everything in this corner seemed to match the dress perfectly. A happy coincidence, because it was a little too chilly outside to go without a coat, and this dress needed a moment of its own.

Speaking of cotton style (that transition also needs work), last Friday, I met up with Cotton’s Style Search Squad in Williamsburg to scout and photograph Brooklynites in their own cotton duds. I was nervous for two reasons: 1) I am timid when it comes to asking to photograph strangers and 2) I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to see everyone’s outfits under their Winter coats. I did ask a few people, but mainly avoided the first one by pointing at people and nudging the person next to me to ask them to be photographed. Street style photographers: you are one gutsy bunch. The second fear went out the window; within the first hour, we found so many people with crazy good style, we could’ve filled an entire bus. We also met a cute little dog named Monster, and if it was up to me, he would be winning the $2,500 grand prize and getting the VIP trip to South Beach. But alas, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t wearing cotton. And, you know, he’s a dog…so there’s also that.

If you haven’t entered yet, hop to it! You can either find one of Cotton’s Style Search Squads in a city near you, or simply upload your own photo. In addition to the aforementioned grand prize (which will be awarded to six people – one for each region), there will also be a weekly prize of $1,440. The odds are pretty great that you could be that lucky guy or gal, so you might want to start uploading now!

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