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peter pan collar shirt, pink polka dot sweater, and tights all c/o TJ Maxx gift card.

I didn’t have a car for most of college, but I lived within walking distance of a shopping center with a TJ Maxx. I spent many a day wandering through the aisles and looking for bargains to take home, after a study session at the local Panera. Peppered with late nights and local shows, this pretty much sums up my antisocial college life outside of actual school. If you followed me back in the livejournal days, you might remember just how much of my clothing came from either TJ Maxx or a thrift store. I couldn’t afford to shop much, but I still wanted to dress well. Both of those stores are great options, if you’re on a budget. Case in point: I spent under $30 on this sweater, top, and tights – combined!


I’m still in Nashville, which means I’ve had time to spend with my cousins! My cousin Claudia
and I obviously have something in common when it comes to our personal style: we both went for cozy sweaters and feminine details: lace, peter pan collars, and soft hues. Isn’t my cousin adorable? She’s usually behind the camera, so I’m glad I got a chance to put her in front of it.

Thank you, TJ Maxx, for sponsoring this weekend of Fall fashion – and thank you to my friends and family for showing us what they’re currently wearing! My weekend with TJ Maxx is over, but you can find more style inspiration on their pinterest.

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